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The Key To Revival

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

It's encouraging to see all the posts, words, news articles and discussions about how important family is. In 2006 I heard the audible voice of God coming into a village in Brazil, "Denny, the key to revival is the restoration of family". Family is referenced 145 times in the word of God. So we know it's important from God's perspective. It;s so exciting to see on how many fronts this has become the discussion. I am really proud of my daughter Emily Tedrow for taking what was a growing revelation in my heart into practical application as a primary core value that all of the other kingdom values would flow from at Jesus Pursuit Church, which she now is in the lead role. We are learning, like many others folks, what this may mean and look like practically. Here are some aspects and ways we are reaching to see this word come to fruition. Family as designed is made up of fathers and mothers, sons and daughters. Even nations and tribes are referred to in the bible as families at times. Family is a place people are born into or adopted into. It's a place to belong in both cases. It's important to note, it is not designed just as a place to belong, but also a place to grow and mature into responsible and free adults. In the best of all worlds a functional family reproduces functional adults who will raise up sons and daughters to be the same. According to the apostle Paul in Ephesians 3:15, every family in heaven or on earth derives it's name from the author or originator of family, our Father who is in heaven. (my paraphrase). This is telling as to design, pattern, and the importance of family on the earth and humanity especially. We are designed to live in His image and in partnership with God to have families who live to glorify God, populate and build a society from family that looks like heaven. Family is also about inheritance and legacy. This is a kingdom mindset that emphasizes not just personal significance or satisfaction, but is other centered looking to leave a better future for those who follow us. There is a lot to unpack about all this. What it truly means to belong, how to grow up from children, to sons and daughters who know who they are, and what it means to mirror the heart of the Father in a world that is devaluing family more and more. The breakdown in family while having many negative effects has had at least one positive. It has put a natural hunger in the lives of many to see and want meaningful relationship and go beyond the superficial of this modern life to discover what is really important. The more this message becomes not just a revelation, but a passion to see it come to pass, we will see massive transformation of many aspects of life and culture. The other spheres of culture will be assured of a transformation that mirrors heaven as it flows from the heart of family and relationship.


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