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Denny and Anne Cline

About Denny

    "Denny Cline is the founding pastor of Jesus Pursuit Church and is known and loved for his simple, compassionate and yet extravagant approach to Kingdom life. He is a notorious "God chaser" who has led Jesus Pursuit Church (formerly VCF Albany) in a bold direction that has birthed many developing ministries and produced a rich harvest of fathers, mothers, and children filled with the zeal of the Lord. It is Denny's dream to see thousands become carriers of God's glory to their neighbors, work places and ultimately to the nations." 

-Emily Tedrow

Head Pastor, Jesus Pursuit Church

Current Focus

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The School of the Spirit


What God Is Calling Me To In This Season

After leading and pastoring churches, particularly what was the Albany Vineyard and now Jesus Pursuit Church, I am now moving into a new time in my life.

While I continue to serve JPC and Emily Tedrow, the new senior pastor/leader of Jesus Pursuit Church,

I have have several things I am passionate about in serving the broader body of Christ. Here are a few of them that I hope to draw from past and present pursuit of the Lord for His people.

  1. When God called me to serve Him over 30 years ago, He woke me up in the night and spoke audibly to me. He said, “I want you to teach the whole gospel”. This is as real to me today as then. The essentials and foundations that make us followers of Jesus Christ are what God uses as a spring board to launch us into living like Christ. So I have developed schools that give assurance and encounters that bring believers into the fullness of salvation and conversion to Christ. The gospel of Christ is the hope of the nations.

  2. Ann and I have been privileged to be in the midst of several real outpourings of the Holy Spirit while serving the church. We have seen youth movements, healing visitations, and were impacted in a great way by the 1994 renewal that birthed the Albany Vineyard with 30 straight nights of meetings in a tent and theatre in Albany. God’s tangible presence continues to be a passionate pursuit and very part of every corporate gathering. Stewarding the presence and flow of the Holy Spirit is something I have been passionate about for many years and love to help other leaders pursue as well.  

  3.  Encountering the love of the Father has forever change my life and the way I approach relationship with God. The love of the Father has become my life message. This is true even with other revelations that seem to attach to it like, “ the key to revival is the restoration of family”. God is much more loving and bigger in purpose for all humanity than we can think or imagine. My hope is that every believer will discover their true identity as sons and daughters of God through encountering the love of the Father.

     So those are a few of the things I am most passionate about. I hope to be able to serve the body of Christ with what God has and continues to give over the next several years. We often take emerging and seasoned saints who carry various gifts with us when we are asked to come minister in other places. It’s exciting to see what God is doing in the emerging leaders throughout the body of Christ. The kingdom of God is advancing all over the earth.

It’s a great time to be alive and serve the King.


Partner Ministries

Jesus Pursuit
At Jesus Pursuit Church, our focus is clear. We are all about Jesus Christ and His kingdom come, in and through us. We are a company of people who are passionately pursuing Jesus with all that we are. Instead of creating programs to meet needs, we are intentional about creating a culture that points people to encountering God, being transformed, and advancing His kingdom in the context of relationship and community with one another.

Bethel Redding
We are a community of believers that are very passionate about the things of God. And because of this, we have a passion for people, our city, and our world. Our rich history has shaped our core values. Our culture is characterized by worship, the presence of God, family, revival, miracles and healings, and a culture of honor.

Partner Ministries
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